If you are looking for grant aid and your project falls into the criteria set out in the Charity’s objectives as detailed in the About the Charity page, please contact the Clerk.

All applications for grant aid must be made to the Clerk and any application submitted has to include the following

  • The details of your project.
  • The reasons why you believe your scheme meets the objectives of the Charity.
  • The amount of grant aid required if there is a specific amount or confirmation that the application is a general request for financial support with no set figure in mind.
  • If you are not seeking grant aid for the total amount of the scheme the amount you are seeking in grant aid.

All applications must be made to the Clerk of the Charity at the following e mail address.

The William and Edith Oldham Charitable Trust is a Registered Charity Number 1050734.

The Trustees of the William and Edith Oldham Charitable Trust, in setting objectives and planning for activities, have given due consideration to general guidance published by the Charity Commission relating to public benefit, including the guidance “Public Benefit: running a charity PB2”.